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【建设开发控制】[Construction and Development Control]

Development intensity control: in development intensity, high-star holiday hotels feature medium and low intensity, with floor area ratio less than 0.8. Building density could be limited within 20%. Public greenbelt between the hotel and the beach shall be properly landscaped to ensure the link between the hotel and seashore beach.

Resort community buildings (including villa, townhouse, multi-storey and high-rise residences) will be rationally distributed on the basis of the layout of overall planning. Townhouse development will be subject to low-intensity mode, with floor area ratio less than 0.8 and building density limited within 25%; multi-storey residence will follow medium intensity development, with floor area ratio less than 1.0 and building density limited within 25%; high-rise residence will meet the requirements of medium and high-intensity development, with floor area ratio less than 2 and building density limited within 20%.

Commercial buildings are mainly distributed at both sides along main road in relatively dense areas in resort. Commercial and service buildings occupy less land, but feature higher intensity, with floor area ratio below 1.0, and building density limited withing 35%. Based on planning concept of appropriate increase in construction density, increased land concentrating effect as well as popular collection in initially developed Hongtang Bay resort, some lots will be appropriately regulated, i.e. building density indicator will be properly adjusted to 5 - 10% for simultaneous development of surrounding public open space, and specific matters concerning will be correspondingly coordinated and managed on the basis of actual construciton by local planning and management authorities.

Other municipal supporting facilities will be subject to certain intensity of construction and development according to national related standards.