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×××Magic Night Mask
【产品成分】EGF表皮细胞生长因子,澳洲沙漠青柠提取物 (Citrus glauca),胶原蛋白
Ingredients: EGF, citrus glauca extract, collagen

【产品功效】立体渗透方程式,凝聚30 ml天地精萃活性能量,直达肌肤深层进行多角度渗透,立体设计稳定肌肤网状支撑力,定向调整肌肤轮廓,雕塑面型。24小时循环供给肌肤全面营养物质,增强肌肤免疫系统,淡化色斑,补充水分,细致毛孔,改善皱纹,贴精致睡美人。
Product Efficacies: With a 3D penetration equation, it gathers 30ml of active energy from sky and earth, able to go deep into the skin from different angles to design a stable netted support for the skin in a 3D way, directionally adjusting the skin profile and outline the facial profile. It can keep supplying all kinds of nutrients of the skin for 24 hours a day to enhance the skin’s immune system, fade spots, supplement water, refine pores and relieve wrinkles, thereby creating a pretty sleeping beauty.

【产品规格】30片 /盒,3盒/疗程
Standard: 30 packs/box, totally 3 boxes for each period of treatment

Product State: Facial mask with liquid essence

How to Use: Use a pack every night after facial cleaning. Put it closely onto your face for 20-30 minutes before rinsing it. It is more advisable to use it together with the Skin Repair Complex. (Dip it into the 50℃ water for 5 minutes before using it in the winter; store it in a refrigerator before using it in the summer.)


Cautions: This is not a functional product with instant effects but an anti-aging product that can adjust the states of the skin cells to promote metabolism and thus to retard skin aging.
1. Some users might feel slightly tingling when using it on the skins for the first time. Just take it easy.
2. For highly sensitive skins, please use the Skin Repair Complex to relieve the skin sensitiveness before using it. 
3. For seriously inflammed skins, please diminish the inflammation promptly to resume the normal skin condition before using it together with the Skin Repair Complex.